Library Closures

Though as a fully independent charity we are not directly affected by the local authority (Somerset County Council) proposing to close certain local libraries, the Trustees have agreed the following statement, which has today been released to the Press and duplicated for distribution:

STATEMENT of the Trustees of the Library of Avalon in respect of the proposed closure of the Glastonbury branch of the Somerset County Library (January 2011)

The Trustees of the Library of Avalon, in common with many scholars and academics worldwide, regard all libraries as temples of the divine Djehuti (the Classical Egyptian deity of the intellectual principle, of all forms of writing, of libraries, and of magic; the Mind of God; known later to the Greeks as Thoth; whose revered image stands in the Library of Avalon) and believe that the destruction, desuetude or disestablishment of any library is on this basis tantamount to sacrilege.

From this point of view the suggested closure of the Glastonbury branch of the Somerset County Library would, if implemented, be not only sacrilegious in the sight of the divine Djehuti but also, given the County Library’s other functions in public service, at best grossly impious in the sight of his associated deities, the divine Maat, goddess of righteousness, correctness and order, and the divine Seshat, goddess of documentation; the Recording Angel.

The Trustees sincerely hope and expect that those who have proposed to close the local library will think again; such a closure would, in the opinion of the Trustees, be strategically ill-conceived, culturally counterproductive, and logistically unnecessary.

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