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Reading Room Hire

The Library of Avalon provides a quiet space in the heart of Glastonbury for the study and research of esoteric and occult arts.

The Library’s Reading Room is also available for hire in the morning or evening when the library is not open to the public, from 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 9.30pm.

This space has been used for committee meetings, meditations, visualisation sessions, dream workshops, poetry and creative writing groups.

The Reading Room is available for Hire for as little as £15.  The full terms and conditions for hire are available on request.

Please inquire at the Library of Avalon or phone 01458 832 759.


The Glastonbury Pilgrim Centre

The Library of Avalon is delighted to welcome The Glastonbury Pilgrim Centre into the library.

The Pilgrim Centre, providing advice to visitors, pilgrims and residents of Glastonbury, is now housed in our Library Reading Room.  We feel the wonderful service this organisation provides complements our special wonderful library which is , now more than ever, at the heart of the Glastonbury Experience.  We are delighted that the many pilgrims and visitors to Glastonbury can receive a warm welcome in our library and we look forward to developing esoteric guides and other publications together with our sister organisation.

Consultations and discussions held by the GPRC will be in their offices upstairs so the peace and quiet of the reading room will remain undisturbed for the most part and we are sure our members will find this addition to our services a change for the better.

This arrangement also benefits the Library of Avalon financially, providing valuable funds to offset the recently announced grant reduction of £1,200 from the Glastonbury Trust. (See below).


Below are listed the Symposia we have offered over the last year.

“The Magic of Plant Spirit Medicine”

By Sophie Knock

15th November 2016  at  7.30pm

Glastonbury Town Hall Entry £6

Plant Spirit Medicine is a doorway into cosmic consciousness; a revelation from the heart of Nature. It is a simple, powerful method of receiving and  storing nature’s gifts, which everyone can learn and benefit from: and it has probably been part of an energetic healing tradition here on the Isle of Avalon for millennia.  In this illustrated talk we will look at some of the history, science and techniques of working with Essences and Plant Consciousness.

Sophie has been co-creating Wild Medicine Essences as a spiritual practice since 2003, learning from the plants themselves. She is a core member of the Chalice Well Essences team and involved in the development and delivery of the Chalice Well Essences Practitioner Training as a Tutor Member of the BFVEA. She is qualified in vibrational medicine  is a registered homoeopath working with bio-energetic medicine. She is passionate about teaching people how to make and work with Essences as well as how to heal themselves naturally.


with Caitlín Matthews

7.30 PM  24th September 2016

At The Assembly Rooms

In this relaxed evening gathering, Caitlín Matthews will talk about her life as a ritualist, writer and shamanic practitioner who walks between worlds. Drawing on her songs and poetry, she will explore how we pick up the contacts and inspirations about the many-layered spiritual path that we each follow.  These windows to other worlds are the invitations that lead us to explore the path ever more deeply; if we stick at it and actually visit, rather than just study, wonderful connections result.

Click on image below to access larger, legible version of the poster!

caitlin Matthews poster 3



Rasputin and the Goddess.

With Steven Ingman-Greer

25 August at 19:30–21:00

in the Avalon Room,

2- 4 High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DU


Rasputin was part of an ancient Siberian Shamanistic Tradition which treated everything on earth as being alive with life and part of the body of the Great Mother. His cultural past is very Feminine-centric- a philosophical view that sees time move, not in a straight line, but in circles, and that includes everyone in a loving embrace. Even the view of the meaning and significance of death itself undergoes a radical shift in his world, centred as it is on the Divine Feminine. He taught his philosophy to the Imperial Family of Russia – and it very nearly revolutionised the world. Properly understood, the tradition he is a part of could change our world today – for the better.


Steven Ingman-Greer is a musician, author and poet, who has spent most of the last 35 years researching Russia’s last Imperial Family. His novel, “Lost Eagle”, about the life of Nicholas II’s daughter Tatiana was published by Top Hat Books in October 2013 and is one of a series of five about the children of Nicholas II and Rasputin. He was a consultant to Channel 4 in their TV series “Masters of Darkness”, on Rasputin. His Poetry collection, Russian Snowflakes and his novel about Nicholas II’s daughter Anastasia, “Voice on the Wind” are due to be published in 2017. Please see his website for more information.


October 2016

The LOA Seasonal Card Challenge

Come and Share Your Creative Spirit – Give your inner artist free reign and Design a Seasonal Card for your Favourite Library! You can reference anything or the returning of the light – Yule / Christmas / Hanukkah / Pancha Ganapati / Saturnalia / Dies Natalis Solis Invicti / Newtonmas / Click on the image below for details!

LOA xmas card poster_Layout 1


On Thursday 29th October

RJ Stewart will be giving our first in a series of Esoteric Literary Talks:


Yo find out more click on the image below :

symposia oct print leaflet8

Wednesday 23rd September: 
 Wes White,  current Bard of Glastonbury and Writer in Residence at the Library of Avalon offering coaching in creative writing. 
(by donation) 
A5 poster 600dpi writerinresidence
For further information call into the Library of Avalon 
Wes is a lifelong Glastonian and the town’s 10th Chaired Bard. 
Wes is a worthy recipient of this honour. He has an MA with Distinction in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths College, London; won Wells Festival of Literature’s Poetry Contest in 2013,
and was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize the following year. His past work includes commissions for Sherborne House in Dorset, The Lawrence Sterne Foundation at Shandy Hall, London’s 
Wellcome Collection, and for Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.  
Wes’ writing is noted for its originality, imagination and playfulness and we hope many people will come along to the Launch and then to the creative writing workshops he is offering in the 


library re-opens 2015DSCF9918

Since the devastating flash flood in August 2014, which destroyed over 2,000 books in our collection and most of the library furnishings, the library has had a total refit. The old bookcases and even the floors have been removed and replaced with new. Redecorated and fitted with beautiful oak bookcases and wall mounted pine shelves, the library looks, smells and feels very different!


Right now the newly elected board of trustees are reviewing a new Library Development Policy designed to guide the library towards a more active involvement in the community and a better managed book collection.