Consultant Librarian Information

Below is everything you need to know about being a Consultant Librarian for The Library of Avalon


The Library of Avalon is seeking to appoint Consultant Librarians to assist us in developing our collection and services to the highest possible standard to support our research and educational purposes. We aim to become a research resource for esoteric knowledge of regional, if not national importance

The role of the Consultant Librarians will be to recommend to our Collection Management Committee on the titles we should include (and exclude) from our collection so as to provide the very best resource within the confines of our premises.

This marks a major step in the development of our 28 year old library and it is our vision that, with the guidance of specialists and scholars, we can build a research and educational facility of significant and practical support to researchers, academics, writers and practitioners in the South West and Britain as a whole

We are seeking to enrol the support of noted academics, writers and practitioners in the various fields relevant to our collections and we hope that you will feel enthused to join this team and be involved in this great work.

You can find out about the purpose, aims, management, development and plans of our library in our Library Collection Development Policy

If you have extensive specialised knowledge of a particular category section represented in our library we would be grateful for your assistance in advising us in developing our Library’s unique collection of esoteric books.

Consultant Librarians are NOT required to work in, or even visit, the library.

A Consultant Librarian need not be a previous member of the library or resident in the UK.

Applications for the posts will be assessed on each applicants’ qualifications and experience.

The sections are listed below, beneath the further description of the post.


  1. Please fill in the application form on this web-site at
  2. Please specify on the application the sections you wish to consult on. You will find the full list of sections   and subsections on our website at:

 You will receive confirmation of your appointment from the library.

This will include:

a.) A signed certificate.

b.) Confirmation of the section(s) or subsection(s) you are responsible for.

c.) A full list of the titles held in those section(s) (via the internet.)

d.) An invitation for you to assess this list and give your recommendation regarding additional books that should be included in that section and those books on our list which you consider of less or questionable quality/value.


  1. In order to ensure we develop the very best collection possible we seek the advice of experts in each of the subject fields covered by our collection.
  2. These experts will be called Consultant Librarians and their role is described below.
  3. They should have extensive specialised knowledge of a particular defined category and be ready to voluntarily and regularly advise us in developing our Library’s collection.
  4. Their role is purely advisory and they will report their recommendations to the Library Collection Management Sub-Committee which will implement the library’s Collection Management Policy.
  5. Typically Consultant Librarians will include academics, writers, advanced practitioners, lecturers, publishers, antiquarians, as well as recognised representatives of religious, spiritual and esoteric societies and organisations represented in the collection.
  6. They will be invited to apply and be appointed to give advice on specific sections of the Library of Avalon’s collection by the Board of Trustees.
  7. They will advise on which books and other materials should be included in the collection.
  8. They will be invited to offer reviews of books in their appointed section(s) which may then be published by the library.
  9. They will be invited to take part in Symposia and other library events.
  10. They will be invited to donate towards the development of their section(s).
  11. They will be invited to keep the library informed of important new events and publications in the fields covered by their sections.
  12. A list of Consultant Librarians will be published on the Library’s web site, though you may request your name to be left out of such a published list.

Further, as Consultant Librarians you;

  1. Will be kept regularly informed of all titles presently in their chosen section(s) of the Library.
  2. Will be listed and acknowledged for your support and advice on the web site, (unless you request anonymity).
  3. Will be kept informed of and invited to all events held by the library.
  4. Will recommend titles for selection and de-selection so as to develop the collection as a source of relevant, appropriate, reliable, well presented and up to date research and study material for novice and advanced students alike.
  5. Will make recommendations of titles so that the section you are responsible towards contains a broadly representative selection of works giving a balanced, unbiased, knowledgeable, insightful and inspiring view on the subject areas covered by the section, taking into account the Library’s overall focus and purpose.
  6. Will be invited to keep the library informed of important new events and publications in the fields covered by your section(s).
  7. Will be invited to offer reviews of important books and new books published in your field of interest for publication in the Library of Avalon’s Newsletter.
  8. Will be invited to develop key research paths for your section(s) suitable for novice and advanced students researching these areas, to be held at the library for use by members and visiting researchers.
  9. Will be invited to receive and respond helpfully to occasional research enquires regarding your field of expertise, forwarded to them by the library by (e)-mail. (This service can be opted out of.)



(with approximate numbers of titles held).

There are 29 in A Reference – (e.g. Dictionaries and encyclopaedias)
There are 549 in B  The Universe – (e.g. Ufology – space – science)
There are 210 in  CThe Earth  (e.g. life science – travel – nature)
There are 116 in D  The Environment (e.g. pollution- conservation – ecology – geography)
There are 364 in F  Earth Mysteries (e.g.  mazes – crop circles sacred wells – atlantis )
There are 578 in G History (e.g. ancient  archaeology local and world)  
There are 249 in H Human Affairs & Society (e.g. anthropology politics economics)
There are 1002 in J Healing Modalities (e.g. bio chem. chakra ,crystal, psychotherapy)
There are 1017 in  K L  Psychology 
There are 633 in M Astrology
There are 2215 in N Human Products – (e.g. (Science)fiction – music-  plays – arts)
There are 256 in P Knowledge (e.g. philosophy thinking communication)

There are 2817 in Q Esoteric knowledge (spirituality, occult kabbalah numerology, magic)
There are 581 in R Mythology (local, European and world)
There are 3270 in S T V Religion & Spirituality (local and world religions and  sects)
There are 501 in W Special Collection (Local)  (Glastonbury –legends and history)
There are 648 in  X Y special Collection (Arthurian & Other)  

 The full list of subcategories is published on our website:

The Core, Key, Associated and General Subject Category

Areas of The Library of Avalon’s Collection.

 As a specialist library designed for study and research, as well as enjoyment, we have a defined order in which we prioritise our collection in terms of those subjects we aim to cover comprehensively and those subjects we accept we can only cover less fully. This does not reflect any particular order of value but rather is in recognition of the limitations that our physical space places upon us and the best service our library can offer.

All parts of our collection are of equal importance to us and it is vital that our collections in all categories are of the highest quality which is why we seek the advice of Consultant Librarians.


Primary Core Specialist Subject Area Collection Category

The library aims to hold as complete and comprehensive a collection as is possible of published works in these subject areas, including rare source material, such that we can claim to be a specialist library offering a comprehensive research and study platform for these areas..

Special Arthurian Collection, X (All X Section)  

Special Glastonbury Collection, W (All W Section)

Mythology (British and other associated Mythology) Collection. Sections included; (RR British Mythology, RS Custom & Folklore , RB Mythology (General), RD Mythical Beasts, RZ Mythology and Present Practice, RC Gods/Godesses, Heroes/Heroines)



Secondary Key Subject Area Collection Category

These sections include those areas of interest described in the ALA constitution but not included in the Core Specialist Subject Area. Because of the vast number of published works in these areas we only undertake to hold a broadly representational collection of books in these areas such that our collection in these areas is suitable to support generalised and comparative research, limited academic study and esoteric practice.

Esoteric Knowledge Q   

Religion and Spirituality S, T & V

Psychology L & K

Mythology (world) R ,RK Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia , RP Greece, Rome , RW Americas, RF Persia, India, China, Japan, Siberia, RX Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, RY Africa

Astrology M  


Tertiary Associated Subject Area Collection Categories

These sections include those subjects not specifically listed in the ALA constitution but which are practically associated with, and related to, our core and key subject areas. These include.

Earth Mysteries F    

Knowledge (Philosophy) P 

Healing Modalities J  .

History G  

Quaternary General Subject Area Collection Categories

These sections include those subject areas with no direct link to the core areas of interest of the library. The titles included in these sections should reference to our key and core subject areas. (For example titles in Human Products (fiction) should primarily reference either British Mythology, Glastonbury, spiritual or transformational processes., etc.

Reference A 

The Universe B  

The Earth C  210

The Environment  D 

Human Affairs and Society H

Human Products N