The Library will be CLOSED all day Wednesday 5th May 2021 for essential maintenance work. We apologise for any inconvenience.


From April 12th, 2021

The Library has reopened for normal business.

  • Monday to Saturday 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Covid -19 Rules and LoA Policy

  • A Face-Covering MUST be worn at all times in the library.
  • In line with the Equality Act (2010), we have made “reasonable adjustments” to ensure we do not treat disabled persons exempt from wearing face coverings less favourably.
  • A bell by the door has been installed so all those who don’t have a face-covering, for whatever reason, be they exempt, or not, can have the librarian come to serve them outside.
  • We ask everyone to use hand sanitizer before and after handling the books.
  • Please do NOT attend the library if you are experiencing symptoms that might be Covid-19 related. We are always happy to arrange the extension of book loans over the phone in these circumstances. 01458 832 759 during opening hours. Thank you.

Over the last months, the Trustees of the LoA have been made aware of some members’ frustration and annoyance, even disbelief and anger, at our strict adherence to government rules regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing in enclosed public places. I think it appropriate, therefore to set out my views and explain the actions and position of the trustees in this matter.
The Trustees of the LoA, which is a registered charity with legal status, are bound by the law to act in a manner that is deemed responsible and legal in all matters. Were we to flout the law, particularly in relation to health and safety, for whatever reason, we would run the risk of losing our trusteeship, being fined and perhaps the library losing its charitable status. Obviously, we do not wish to risk any of these scenarios.
We also have a duty of care towards our volunteers, members, and the public which we should and do respect.  It is entirely appropriate under these circumstances for us to ere on the side of caution. It is for these reasons that we stand by our rule of not allowing entrance into the library without a mask being worn. However, we do recognise the right of all people to our services even if they cannot, or choose not, to abide by these rules. We have therefore installed a bell outside the library entrance which such people can ring to gain the librarian’s attention so as to arrange the borrowing and returning of books and any other business while remaining outside the building.
We hope you all find this arrangement acceptable and will refrain from attempting to pressure our volunteers into making exceptions to this rule.  We will not accept any threatening or insulting behaviour by members towards our volunteers and any such behaviour will result in the immediate curtailment of membership. We trust this will never be necessary.
Adhering to these rules does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the individual trustees, who may privately question the validity, proportionality, appropriateness, and even legality of much government policy at this time.                                       Richard JL Newman, Secretary and Trustee to the LoA

Below is a live calendar of our opening times, events, and bookings.

*The library is now NOT open most Sundays,

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