As from 5th January 2021 we are in National Lockdown#3.

The Glastonbury Experience Courtyards are closed till further notice.

  • The library is therefore physically inaccessible to members during this time.
  • If you have books out on loan you can keep these until the present lockdown is over.
  • We will not be taking book donations during this period.
  • We will be publishing a newsletter.
  • We may be broadcasting courses and a concert over the internet in the coming weeks.


  • If you have an urgent need to borrow specific books from our collection AND LIVE WITHIN 5 MILES of the library, then please follow the following protocol.
  • 1. Check our online catalogue and note the acquisition number and catalogue code of the book(s) you want to borrow.
  • 2.  Send an email request to  using the following format: 

Name of Member:                                    Library Membership Number:

List the Name, Acquisition Number, Title, Author and catalogue code of the book(s) required.

The Full Address to which you wish the books delivered.

The Telephone number by which I can confirm delivery time and arrangements.

I will then reply to you, normally within 24 hours, with confirmation and arrange delivery to your home.

Kind regards

Richard Newman,

Secretary to the LoA


Below is a live calendar of our opening times, events, and bookings.

*The library is now NOT open most Sundays,

Check also our Facebook page below for events and times.