The Library of Avalon is, to its Trustees' knowledge, the only publicly-accessible esoteric library in the UK, perhaps even in Europe, but is not the only one in the world - there is a similar organisation in America. It is supported entirely by donations and by the subscriptions of its borrowing members.

A public reading-room is provided for the use of non-members, with full reference access to the displayed collections. All visitors are welcome. The opening hours include all weekday afternoons. A number of relevant magazines are provided.

Library interior

Interior of the Library

The Library's collections include, among about ten thousand books on display and several thousand more currently in storage, elements of the libraries of the Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation (RILKO) and the Wessex Research Group.

An unique classification system, developed and copyrighted in 1990, provides the Library with a very much higher subject resolution than could be obtained from the classical Dewey decimal classification system.

The Founders of the Library, a few other eminent local scholars, and major benefactors are Life Members of the Library. Membership, which allows borrowing, is available to all who live within a reasonable distance of the Library (and can therefore return books).

Apart from the subscriptions of members the Library has no income other than what can be obtained from donations and other forms of benefaction. None of the Trustees or volunteers is paid.

The Library receives regular support from its landlords, the Glastonbury Experience Trust, and from Messrs. Speaking Tree, who provide it with technical facilities.

Because of our substantial running costs and the difficulty of collecting regular subscriptions we are asking all our members and donors to consider making a standing order on the form supplied.

Geoffrey Ashe at LOAF 2006

Geoffrey Ashe speaking at the 2006 conference

We currently host a major annual fundraising event which takes the form of a conference on esoteric subjects, and attracts lecturers and contributors of international reputation.

Among our minor fundraising efforts, occurring during the summer months, are story readings which take place in our delightful garden (if wet, inside).

Several of our members and trustees are themselves practising esotericists, and have organised a series of Visioning Evenings, which are not primarily fundraising events but allow guests to provide us with their own vision, howsoever obtained, of our future path, and to contribute to magickal procedures intended to protect, conserve and improve the Library's intrinsic esoteric energies.