Portrait of the Dragon

Messrs. Stone Age, our only neighbours in the rear courtyard, have recently obtained from his natural habitat in Thailand a magnificent Oriental marine Dragon, who has been installed on a purpose-built plinth in the garden, of which he is now the official guardian.

The Dragon is said sometimes to prophesy, or to make other utterances. This has been the case since he arrived; we do not encourage him in this practice, because it seems to be outside his terms of reference.

A sign displayed near the Dragon says:

"The Directors of the Glastonbury Experience and of Messrs. Stone Age, and the Trustees of the Library of Avalon, wish to make it clear that they accept no responsibility for any prophesies or other utterances which may be made from time to time by this Dragon, who does these things entirely upon his own authority.

Some say that the Dragon's name is Amon-Dhal; others, however, say that his name is George.

George is not for sale but Messrs. Stone Age, immediately adjacent hereto, can undertake to obtain similar Dragons for suitable homes."

We have noticed that people occasionally put coins in George's coils or on his plinth; for ourselves alone we would very much prefer that these were placed in collecting-boxes inside the Library, because we are sure that George has no use for them, but nonetheless they always disappear before long.