Visitors to Glastonbury sometimes express surprise that they were able to find the Library.

Street address

Library of Avalon

Rear courtyard

The Glastonbury Experience

2-4 High Street

Glastonbury BA6 9DU UK

Phone number

01458 832 759


From Courtyard Books, on the south side of the High Street, roughly opposite the George and Pilgrims pub, follow the passage on the right of the shop (recently repainted by a local artist) into the front courtyard, which contains the Goddess Temple, the Starchild shop and the back of the Blue Note café. Follow straight through the front courtyard into a second passage: narrower, lower, sloping at the end and lined with exquisite Egyptiana by Stone Age, whose shop is opposite the other end of the passage. Turn right before reaching the shop and follow the ramp down past the Blue Note's loos (we initiates know the secret code), into the garden and thus to the Library's door.


Street map of Glastonbury


The nearest bus stops are in Magdalene Street, outside the car park and Growings Needs bookshop.


Thanks to Beeching, the nearest railway station is now at Castle Cary, some ten miles away, and the canopy of Glastonbury's old station now covers part of a car park.