Membership is available to all who live within a reasonable distance of the Library, being that distance which allows them easily to return books. Special arrangements may be made by the Trustees on application from scholars living at a greater distance.

There are three categories of membership:

Life Membership is automatically granted to any benefactor who donates three hundred pounds or more at any one time. It is also awarded gratis to local scholars of particular eminence. It provides the same facilities as Annual Membership.

Annual membership costs eighteen pounds per year and runs from the date of joining. It allows the member to borrow up to five non-reference items concurrently for up to three weeks each, and provides four newsletters per year.

Concessionary membership is available to those who are unwaged, on benefit or in a similar position; it gives the same facilities as annual membership, but at a reduced rate of ten pounds per year.

Please contact the Library to enquire about membership.