Visioning at the LOA

Over the course of 2007 a core group of trustees and "visioning volunteers", with the occasional additions of others, decided to hold regular monthly meditation sessions to cleanse the energies of this old building (that has been used for various activities over the centuries) and build the vision for the Library of Avalon to take into the future.

Most of the meetings took place on the third Monday evening of the month and were led by M. Archer, apart from two, led by Andy Scott, with the attendance of Toni and Gerald Page. The evenings usually started with a cleansing and "smudging" ceremony, using Tibetan cymbals and sage sticks and then we proceeded intuitively with all participants going into deep meditation with the leader of the visualisations speaking on a relevant theme.

Most of the meditations and visualisations started with the cleansing aspect of allowing any negative energies within the Library, courtyard and Glastonbury as a whole to be transmuted into positives for the area and we concluded with affirmations of prosperity and abundance to come in to the Library and surrounds, many times the "in between bits" were spent with participants "heading off" into deep meditative states, "coming back" with relevant information and ideas to put into practice. M. provided a selection of home-made recipes such as hummous and her famous flapjacks and banana bread to firmly ground us all before venturing out into the night.

Quite often the otherworldly guardians of the Library and angels were invoked to help with the cleansing aspects of the visualisations and members of the group reported back that various visions and feelings occurred during the meditations that closely corresponded with each other (one example being the feeling and vision of a "river of dark energy" running under the building that cleared to a pinkish, or white energy by the end of one session and another example being the feeling that there was a doorway behind one of the current bookshelves in the Library).

On the occasion of the statue of a Dragon being installed in the rear courtyard garden, (courtesy of Stone Age, our neighbours here) it was decided that it would be appropriate to meditate on welcoming this energy in to the area and we all received our own impression of this fiery being. The one impression we all got was "he wasn't happy about being given the moniker 'George' ", (well, would you, if you were a Dragon, with the history and myth behind the name?)

It is amazing to look back and see how many new volunteers were drawn to the Library after these meditations, and how many donations of books relevant to our remit arrived.