The Library is staffed entirely by unpaid local volunteers, whose time is assigned to shifts (one on some days, two on others). We are always keen to attract more volunteers, most of whom are drawn from our own members.

If you would like to help, please contact us. We have a number of basic requirements for volunteers which for a variety of reasons must be met:

Residence either in Glastonbury or within an acceptable commuting distance thereof (which depends upon the volunteer's personal circumstances). We are obliged to ask all members and volunteers for a evidence of a permanent address, and other contact details.

Literacy and full verbal fluency in English. The ability to operate a computer (currently using Microsoft Windows) is of considerable help but is not essential as training is provided.

Medical suitability for Library tasks; we are a disabled-friendly organisation (one of our Trustees is disabled), but cannot legally require volunteers who are medically unfit to undertake tasks such as high shelving. Volunteers with disabilities are as welcome as all but we must be told about any medical condition which might render the volunteer unfit for normal work so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Volunteers are always trained in Library procedures and the use of equipment before managing the Library single-handed. This is usually achieved by a sort of brief apprenticeship, together with formal training sessions if a need for these is indicated.

There are regular Volunteers' Meetings at which administrative and other arrangements are made, and which provide an opportunity for social contact. At least one of the Trustees is present at each of these meetings, so that volunteers can indulge in spontaneous demonstrations of support for them (or, alternatively, complain about things).