Get the most from this Unique Glastonbury Resource.

The Library of Avalon is here to serve its association members and the public.

The Library of Avalon is an extraordinary resource available to its association members and the public. It is MUCH MORE than A COLLECTION OF BOOKS.

Get involved and ensure the library survives and thrives.

How Can You Get The Most From The LoA?

  1. Renew your Membership. Membership still only costs £24 per annum (or £12 for unwaged).
  2. Tell your friends about the library. Get your friends to join as members. We want to double our membership this year. By each of us recommending a friend or two to become members we can achieve that.
  3. Come to our Events. Either at the library or online. Be entertained, learn something new, meet new and old friends and keep in touch with what is going on.
  4. Download our Newsletter and read about new services, events and creative opportunities.
  5. Make a donation of money or books. Your name will appear on the front page of our newsletter as a Sponsor of the LoA for a donation of £500
  6. Buy our Merchandise. Enjoy our colourful mugs, bags, postcards and other merchandise, knowing you are supporting a worthy cause.
  7. Hire our facilities for your event. Our new mobile bookcases allow our space to be used more flexibly for events at a very reasonable cost.
  8. Host Webinars or internet workshops from the LoA Reading Room, utilising our new Super-Fast Broadband (60Mbps download and 20 Mbps Upload) as well as 4K camera, 55 inch HD monitor, and conference microphone and speaker system.
  9. Become a Volunteer Librarian. Help us run this extraordinary library.
  10. Become a Consultant Librarian and join an élite group of authorities on esoteric subjects.
  11. Get creatively involved! Bring your creative educational ideas and get support in developing and realising them.

The Library as a Creative, Social and Educational Hub

Are you interested by any of the following projects we are launching?  Or maybe you have a project idea that might help us raise money, membership, public awareness or all three?

  • Running a series of symposia, lectures and other events with links to our book collection and purpose.
  • Running other appropriate events at or in support of the library
  • Producing a regular newsletter with reviews, news of relevant events and publications as well as the continually updated library book wish list and titles for sale list.
  • Producing and selling various publications for tourists and pilgrims.
  • Producing and selling souvenir merchandise (mugs, pens and bookmarks etc).
  • Obtaining and displaying facsimile copies of some of the most important and beautiful manuscripts originally housed in the famous Glastonbury Abbey Library.

If you would like to do any of the above then just contact the Chairman:

Richard Newman 077 925 84 968

or email


We are looking for Volunteers to become librarians and run our website, social media and other interesting projects.

The winning designs of our Seasonal Greetings Card Challenge have been beautifully printed and are now available at the library.

A wonderful way to send your seasonal greetings and support your favourite library.

 Library Of Avalon Xmas cards Proof B 2015-3 Library Of Avalon Xmas cards Proof B 2015-2 Library Of Avalon Xmas cards Proof B 2015-1

and what better gift could you give this holidays than a beautiful Library of Avalon mug ? – maybe two!

libersophia mug library mug image